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Luis Iga’s Artist Statement:

The reason why I pursued my MFA at USC’s School of Cinematic Arts was to make documentaries that promote social change, bring greater awareness to current issues and educate the masses. Early on I realized that documentaries do not have the reach that other genre films do,as they are usually watched by people seeking change, information or education while a much broader audience watches films purely for their entertainment value.This is how I came to realize that I wanted to make narrative films. I began to seek out powerful stories and make films that entertain, simultaneously reaching a broader audience while providing awareness and promoting change regarding social issues that currently affect our society.

With the lens, I capture my vision of the values and belief system of people. I examine the emotions they exhibit through my own lens of life and recreate them on my canvas. I bring to light the modern condition of pleasure and pain through images that sometimes are reluctant to tell their secret. I excite the eye by using colors, shadows, and contrasts hoping to bring relief from their everyday visual routine.

As I continue to develop my identity, I explore all perspectives of the world by traveling and studying other cultures. I’m influenced by infinite forces like cubism, surrealism, post-modernism, contemporary art, and the constant access to information in the digital age. I capture colors, lights, and shapes in the grain of digital and 35mm film.

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